Catch Up Videos

Catch Up Videos are hour long videos that can be viewed and downloaded to your computer.

The are compilations of YouTube videos.  On Vimeo you can watch these from beginning to end with no advertisements.  Free!

Catch Up Video #1

Topics Covered:
How Close to Hold The Torch
The Carburizing Flame
Annealing Copper
Brazing with Copper Wire
Brazing for Effect
Gas welding a Bracket
Gas Welding with a Coat Hanger
The Gas Saver or Gas Miser
Regulator Settings Multiple Torches / Quick Release
Small Parts Bender
Drill Press Vices
Electric Tool Vice Mount
Cutting Steel with a Jig Saw
Making Concrete Diameters
Arc Bender
Using & Saving Patterns
Clean Hands
Safety Equipment

Catch Up Video #2

Topics Covered:
Choosing a Torch Outfit
Flame Examples
Oxygen Acetylene Cylinders
Oxygen Acetylene Regulators
Tip Selection and Flame Adjustment
Oxygen Acetylene Miscellaneous (accessories and fittings)
Opening and Closing Cylinders
Oxygen Acetylene Check List
Checking for Leaks
Metals: Copper Brass Bronze and steel