Unintended Consequences


Viewing in perspective.  Using this belt buckle as an example.

I’ve noticed when I’m editing a video, I will often a different approach to the one’s I’ve used.

An example is the belt buckle blanks and curving the right and left edges.  These are curved  1/4″ in from the edge.

Started out with scribing the line and then positioning the blank in the vice.


Since I will be doing a lot of these, setting up a little fixture will speed things up.



Editing the video again I thought that I could do away with the scribing and aligning the blank in the vice.  Two 1/4″ square pieces of steel; welded on a base. with the distance in between, the thickness of the steel blank.  Put the piece in the vice and push forward ato bend slightly.


The whole point here is that by stepping away from the work I was able to see a new approach and then another approach and finally a third approach.

You probably are not doing videos, so you’ll have to find another way to step back and consider if there is a better way.





Belt Buckle curve

Settling in to do a new video