When Nothing Works

There may come a time when you have no new ideas. Scratch that, there will come a time!

This is opposed to when so many new ideas are flowing that you wish they would just stop.

You can use all the tools and techniques and still there is nothing.

This is the time to sharpen our tools.

This may mean cleaning up my shop.

If you do computer work it may mean organizing your files, or learning a new software program.

No matter the task, clean out closets, pay bills, answer emails, work on the blog or website – whatever.

Stop trying to come up with new ideas and start using the left side of your brain for practical application. This can free the right side of your brain to take a vacation.

A good balance is to have both sides of your brain working together. We couldn’t function without the rational part of our brain to make it through each day.

If I have been out of my workshop for a week or more, I’ll start doing some pieces that I know how to do. This tends to get me settled in.

There is something comforting about working with graphics or working on a website that is, to me, appealing. Everything is readily at hand. If I don’t know how to do some function of a software program I can go online and find the answer.

If I need software I can download it and begin using it. No matter what I need, the answer or solution is usually available.

The same with my workshop. The tools and materials are on hand. I don’t need to go anywhere to get something. In this environment there are example or memories of pieces I’ve created.

Even when I work in my shop everyday, I find that I need 15 minutes or a half hour to get settled in. I may find tools or materials that need to be put away. Once I’m settled in I am ready to work.

If there are no new ideas to work on I can do something that I already know how to do. Most often there is some techniques that has been in the back of my mind that I want to try.

As time passes I may come up with a creative idea or maybe not. If not, there are plenty of other things I can do. I know from experience that a new idea will pop up sooner or later.

If you can imagine, a line of new ideas flowing above your head. Reach up and grab one. Mentally take it down and examine it.

Some of them may be so far out to not be worth considering. That’s okay, wait till another one comes along an examine it.

For me, I might first run this through a filter. Is this piece saleable, or do I have the skills to pull this off, where would I sell this, who might be interested in a piece like this? Here I am using the rational side of my brain.

If the answer is no, then I will just wait for another idea.

For me, new ideas are exciting and and at the same time, often frustrating.

I am excited because I can see in my mind what I want to create.

Frustrating because I can’t quite get the piece I am working on to match the picture I have in my mind.

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