Shake it Up!

“Tomorrow is going to be just like today unless we do something different”.

This is a quote that has often moved me to action.

An easy way to make changes in your life is to take a day or two and observe yourself.

There are many everyday tasks that we do automatically. So automatically that we can’t even recall doing them.


I put my right sock on first.
I put my right leg into my pants first.
I put my left arm into a shirt when putting it on.
I start my car and then put the seat belt on.

What happens if I change these? For example, put my left sock on first. Scientifically, these changes will create new pathways in the brain.

On a more basic level these changes will make us more aware. The more aware we are the more we are open to new insights and opportunities.

Another example: If you drive to work using the same route everyday try a new route. It may even take you longer, but you will drive through areas that are unfamiliar, offering you new sights. You are driving through a new area, seeing different buildings, different gas stations, different restaurants, different supermarkets. It’s a new experience.

This is much like taking a vacation. Seeing new sights, new people, tasting unfamiliar food will give us new insights when we return to our familiar home and work. This is one of the reasons that vacations can be so invigorating.

You know yourself and your routine. What can you do that will shake up this routine.

Routines in themselves are good. They are ways that we have found to be most efficient. But, are there other ways to accomplish the same goals? Maybe, maybe not, but you won’t know unless you try.

When you observe yourself, register whether it is the same old thing every day or are there new experiences. These new experiences don’t have to be gigantic blockbusters, but simple acts as putting on your socks or shoes.

If you change one small behavior and then add another behavior, these changes become cumulative until you can begin to see the changes in other areas of your life.

Exercises like the above are only of any use if you put them to work for you. If you observe your behaviors on Monday, make a change on Tuesday and go back to how you are used to on Wednesday you are not going to see any change.

Psychologist has shown that most of us do not like change. Life without change is comfortable.

Expanding our comfort zone can be uncomfortable but it can also lead us into a richer and more rewarding life.

Most of us can remember our first day at school. There was an uncomfortable few hours or days at most and we were rewarded with a new environment, new friends and new a new way of looking at the world.

Bottom line here is that you either will change some behaviors and expand your comfort zone or you won’t.

If you don’t like this approach, don’t fret, there are lots of other ways to expand your creativity.

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