Getting real about Creativity

The movie you see at the theater is the finished product and does not include the hours of film that were shot.

When I view a movie I “assume” that it was shot on a timeline and the movie was shot in sequence.

My rational mind knows that the movie is a collection of shots that have been edited together.

If you have ever looked at the director’s comments on a DVD you may find that three evening shots were done at the same time, although when viewed in the movie they are on three different nights.

In my work I may make ten different models before I find one that I feel is market ready. No one ever sees the nine that didn’t meet my expectations.

Creativity may mean taking an old idea and improving upon it or creating something entirely new.

The modern toaster that you use in the morning is built on an old technology.  Back in the 1940’s, when the bread was put into the toaster it was toasted on one side. Then the bread was turned over and toasted on the other side.

The old toaster had electrical coils that glowed and toasted the bread. Then someone thought, “why not coils on both sides so that that the toast doesn’t have to be turned over”.

The first time I saw the internet it was green text on a black background. No video, No photos! No graphics. Now look where it is and it’s just the beginning.

When we look at movies, books, paintings, architecture, automobiles, photography, what we are seeing is the final product, not all the attempts that didn’t work out.

Being creative is exciting and rewarding, but it is also very humbling.

A key element of being creative is the willingness to fail.

People are creating new art, new crafts and new products everyday.