When I was seventeen (1956), I bought a book titled, “The Creative Process”. After wading through the first ten pages I gave up. I had no idea what the authors were talking about.

Fast forward to the mid 1990’s. At this point I had been making my living for twenty years, designing, crafting and selling metal sculpture. While browsing in a used bookstore I came across this title again.

Thinking that I was now better educated, more mature and having been working as a creative craftsman, perhaps it was time to revisit this book.

This time I didn’t even make it to page ten. I still had no idea of what the authors were talking about.

What I did understand was that authors were treating the “Creative Process” as an intellectual process.

In a nutshell, I view creativeness as Problem Solving. I have this idea in my mind, now how do I bring it into reality?  I have a problem; “how do I solve it”?

Often the word creative brings up images of writers, poets, painters, musicians, sculptors etc. These people encompass a very small part of the creativeness that goes on in our world.

We only have to look around at the everyday things we have in our home, office or our car to begin to appreciate all the creativeness in the everyday things we take for granted.

Much of what we see today didn’t even exist 40 years ago.  Let alone 10 or 20.

This is not to take away from the Mozart’s, the Rembrandts, the Michelangelo’s, etc., but to see creativeness in a broader view.

No doubt there are a few people who the gods have touched and made them creative geniuses.

For the rest of us, we need to pay our dues and earn our wings through practice, failing and trying again.

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